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31 Jul 2020

  • (abs, pdf) Secunda et al., Delayed Photons from Binary Evolution Help Reionize the Universe
  • (abs, pdf) Mapelli et al., Hierarchical mergers in young, globular and nuclear star clusters: black hole masses and merger rates
  • (abs, pdf) McCarthy et al., Constraining Delay Time Distribution of Binary Neutron Star Mergers from Host Galaxy Properties
  • (abs, pdf) Rossi, The Sejong Suite: Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations with Massive Neutrinos, Dark Radiation, and Warm Dark Matter
  • (abs, pdf) Mackey et al., Simulations of Magnetised Stellar-Wind Bubbles
  • (abs, pdf) de Martino et al., Dark matters on the scale of galaxies

11 Sept 2019

  • (abs, pdf) Grand et al., Gas accretion and galactic fountain flows in the Auriga cosmological simulations: angular momentum and metal re-distribution
  • (abs, pdf) Bose et al., The little things matter: relating the abundance of ultrafaint satellites to the hosts' assembly history
  • (abs, pdf) Albers et al., Star formation at the edge of the Local Group: a rising star formation history in the isolated galaxy WLM
  • (abs, pdf) Leo et al., Constraining structure formation using EDGES

14 Jan 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Creasey et al., The Effect of Environment on Milky Way-mass galaxies in a Constrained Simulation of the Local Group
  • (abs, pdf) Dayal et al., Reionizing the Universe in Warm Dark Matter cosmologies
  • (abs, pdf) Rimoldi et al., The fate of supernova remnants near quiescent supermassive black holes
  • (abs, pdf) Deason et al., The Progenitors of the Milky Way Stellar Halo: Big Bricks Favoured over Little Bricks
  • (abs, pdf) Webster et al., Star Formation in Ultrafaint Dwarfs: Continuous or Single-age Bursts?

04 Dec 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Laporte et al., Frontier Fields : Combining HST, VLT and Spitzer data to explore the $z$$\sim$8 Universe behind the lensing cluster MACS0416$-$2403
  • (abs, pdf) Geach et al., Stellar feedback as the origin of an extended molecular outflow in a starburst galaxy
  • (abs, pdf) Colin et al., Simulations of galaxies formed in warm dark matter halos of masses at the filtering scale