30 Apr 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Weisz et al., The Star Formation Histories of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies I. Hubble Space Telescope / Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 Observations
  • (abs, pdf) Natarajan & Yoshida, The Dark Ages of the Universe and Hydrogen Reionization
  • (abs, pdf) Katz et al., Summary of the First Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE1)

New paper: Heating the IGM from Pop III Binaries

We have submitted a new paper to the Astrophysical Journal that focuses on the effects of massive metal-free stellar binaries in the early universe. This is the second paper that uses the “Rarepeak” simulation that consumed over 10 million core-hours to reach a redshift of 15 (280 million years after the Big Bang), following more than 10,000 Population III stars and 3,000 galaxies with nearly 2 billion computational elements. We expect several more papers to come from this rich dataset, exploring the properties of the first galaxies and their role during the Universe’s re-emergence from the Dark Ages. Continue reading New paper: Heating the IGM from Pop III Binaries

25 Apr 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Breddels & Helmi, Complexity on dwarf galaxies scale: A bimodal distribution function in Sculptor
  • (abs, pdf) Zonoozi et al., Direct N-body simulations of globular clusters – II. Palomar 4
  • (abs, pdf) Konno et al., Accelerated Evolution of Lyα Luminosity Function at z > 7 Revealed by the Subaru Ultra-Deep Survey for Lyα Emitters at z=7.3
  • (abs, pdf) Dale et al., Before the first supernova: combined effects of HII regions and winds on molecular clouds

22-23 Apr 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Munoz-Tunon et al., Star Formation in Tadpole Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Behroozi & Silk, A Simple Technique for Predicting High-Redshift Galaxy Evolution
  • (abs, pdf) Greif, Multi-frequency radiation hydrodynamics simulations of H2 line emission in primordial, star-forming clouds
  • (abs, pdf) Garrison-Kimmel et al., Too Big to Fail in the Local Group
  • (abs, pdf) Nozawa et al., Dust Production Factories in the Early Universe: Formation of Carbon Grains in Red-supergiant Winds of Very Massive Population III Stars
  • (abs, pdf) Hasegawa & Hirashita, Planet Traps and First Planets: the Critical Metallicity for Gas Giant Formation