31 Jan 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Lelli, Gas dynamics in dwarf galaxies as testbeds for dark matter and galaxy evolution
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  • (abs, pdf) Saldana-Lopez et al., The Low-Redshift Lyman Continuum Survey. Unveiling the ISM properties of low-$z$ Lyman continuum emitters

26 Jan 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Haidar et al., The black hole population in low-mass galaxies in large-scale cosmological simulations
  • (abs, pdf) Habouzit et al., Co-evolution of massive black holes and their host galaxies at high redshift: discrepancies from six cosmological simulations and the key role of JWST
  • (abs, pdf) Fukushima & Yajima, Far and extreme UV radiation feedback in molecular clouds and its influence on the mass and size of star clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Passaglia & Hu, Accurate effective fluid approximation for ultralight axions

20 Jan 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Weller et al., Dynamics of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes Wandering in the Milky Way Galaxy Using the Illustris TNG50 Simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Fichtner et al., Mechanical feedback from stellar winds with an application to galaxy formation at high redshift
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  • (abs, pdf) Wurster et al., On the origin of magnetic fields in stars II: The effect of numerical resolution
  • (abs, pdf) Yoshioka et al., CHORUS IV: Mapping the Spatially Inhomogeneous Cosmic Reionization with Subaru HSC
  • (abs, pdf) Armitage, Lecture notes on accretion disk physics
  • (abs, pdf) Hunter et al., Determining the Timescale over Which Stellar Feedback Drives Turbulence in the ISM: A Study of four Nearby Dwarf Irregular Galaxies