01 Dec 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Rodriguez-Gomez et al., The stellar mass assembly of galaxies in the Illustris simulation: growth by mergers and the spatial distribution of accreted stars
  • (abs, pdf) Smit et al., Inferred H{\alpha} Flux as a Star-Formation Rate Indicator at z ~ 4-5: Implications for Dust Properties, Burstiness, and the z = 4-8 Star-Formation-Rate Functions
  • (abs, pdf) Lacerna et al., Isolated elliptical galaxies in the local Universe
  • (abs, pdf) Nomura et al., Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations of Line-Driven Disk Winds for Ultra Fast Outflows

30 Nov 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Feltre et al., Nuclear activity versus star formation: emission-line diagnostics at ultraviolet and optical wavelengths
  • (abs, pdf) Tissera et al., The gas metallicity gradient and the star formation activity of disc galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Gebhardt et al., Young, Star-forming Galaxies and their local Counterparts: the Evolving Relationship of Mass-SFR-Metallicity since z ~ 2.1
  • (abs, pdf) Elahi et al., nIFTY galaxy cluster simulations III: The Similarity & Diversity of Galaxies & Subhaloes
  • (abs, pdf) King, How Big Can a Black Hole Grow?
  • (abs, pdf) Bouwens et al., Using the Inferred Halpha Emission from z~4-5 Galaxies to Measure the Lyman-Continuum Photon Production Efficiency xi_{ion}: Implications for the Escape Fraction
  • (abs, pdf) Papastergis & Shankar, An assessment of the "too big to fail" problem for field dwarf galaxies in view of baryonic feedback effects

25 Nov 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Venemans et al., Bright [CII] and dust emission in three z>6.6 quasar host galaxies observed by ALMA
  • (abs, pdf) Ness & Freeman, The Metallicity Distribution of the Milky Way Bulge
  • (abs, pdf) Beck et al., Geometrical on-the-fly shock detection in SPH
  • (abs, pdf) Ghara et al., 21-cm signature of the first sources in the Universe: Prospects of detection with SKA
  • (abs, pdf) Binney & McMillan, Torus mapper: a code for dynamical models of galaxies

17 Nov 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Bahe et al., The distribution of atomic hydrogen in EAGLE galaxies: morphologies, profiles, and HI holes
  • (abs, pdf) Wallin et al., JSPAM: A restricted three-body code for simulating interacting galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Hubber et al., Observing gas and dust in simulations of star formation with Monte Carlo radiation transport on Voronoi meshes
  • (abs, pdf) Foucart et al., Evolution of Accretion Discs around a Kerr Black Hole using Extended Magnetohydrodynamics
  • (abs, pdf) Glover & Clark, Hunting for the signatures of molecular cloud formation