25 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Ford et al., Tracing Inflows and Outflows with Absorption Lines in Circumgalactic Gas
  • (abs, pdf) Amorisco et al., Dark matter cores in the Fornax and Sculptor dwarf galaxies: joining halo assembly and detailed star formation histories
  • (abs, pdf) Hidalgo et al., The ACS LCID project. IX. Imprints of the early Universe in the radial variation of the star formation history of dwarf galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Anglés-Alcázar et al., Torque-Limited Growth of Massive Black Holes in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time

23 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Krumholz, The Star Formation Law in Molecule-Poor Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Bastian et al., Constraining Globular Cluster Formation Through Studies of Young Massive Clusters: I. A lack of ongoing star formation within young clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Kolb et al., Radiation hydrodynamics integrated in the code PLUTO
  • (abs, pdf) Labbe et al., The Spectral Energy Distributions Of z~8 Galaxies From The IRAC Ultra Deep Fields: Emission Lines, Stellar Masses, And Specific Star Formation Rates At 650 Myr