Speaking at TEDxDouglasville

Late last year, I was invited to give a TEDx talk just to the west of Atlanta. TEDxDouglasville will be held on Saturday, April 4th at 10:30am. This event has the motto, “In with the Old, In with the New”. I’ve decided to speak on galaxy evolution, using both the old and new (i.e. nearby and high-z galaxies) to uncover the journeys of galaxies through cosmic time. It should be a great experience. I actually have to make my slides far in advance, unlike conferences and colloquiums!  Additionally, I’ll probably practice it a couple of times since I’m revamping the style of my public talk into something much more provoking and entertaining for TEDx.

19 Feb 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Bogdan & Goulding, Connecting Dark Matter Halos with the Galaxy Center and the Supermassive Black Hole
  • (abs, pdf) Tazzari & Lodato, Estimating the fossil disc mass during supermassive black hole mergers: the importance of torque implementation
  • (abs, pdf) Welker et al., The rise and fall of stellar discs across the peak of cosmic star formation history: mergers versus smooth accretion
  • (abs, pdf) Moore et al., New Limits on Polarized Power Spectra at 126 and 164 MHz: Relevance to Epoch of Reionization Measurements