28 Jan 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Faisst et al., A Coherent Study of Emission Lines from Broad-Band Photometry: Specific Star-Formation Rates and [OIII]/H{\beta} Ratio at 3 < z < 6
  • (abs, pdf) Torrey et al., An instability of feedback regulated star formation in galactic nuclei
  • (abs, pdf) Faucher-Giguere et al., A Stellar Feedback Origin for Neutral Hydrogen in High-Redshift Quasar-Mass Halos
  • (abs, pdf) Li et al., Formation of new stellar populations from gas accreted by massive young star clusters

20 Jan 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Feldmann et al., The formation of massive, quiescent galaxies at cosmic noon
  • (abs, pdf) Bozorgnia et al., Simulated Milky Way analogues: implications for dark matter direct searches
  • (abs, pdf) Croton et al., Semi-Analytic Galaxy Evolution (SAGE): Model Calibration and Basic Results
  • (abs, pdf) Dijkstra et al., 3-cm Fine Structure Masers: A Unique Signature of Supermassive Black Hole Formation via Direct Collapse in the Early Universe