Goodbye, Gabriel!

Last month my first postdoc, Gabriel Altay, accepted a job offer at Narrative Science in Chicago, where he will be developing software for natural language generation. It’s been great having him on-board for the last two years, helping me build up my group. His interactions inside the group and CRA will be missed. Good luck at your new job!

27 Oct 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Cowley et al., Simulated observations of sub-millimetre galaxies: the impact of single-dish resolution and field variance
  • (abs, pdf) Emsellem et al., The interplay between a galactic bar and a supermassive black hole: nuclear fueling in a sub-parsec resolution galaxy simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Roos et al., Thermal and radiative AGN feedback : weak impact on star formation in high-redshift disk galaxy simulations

23-24 Oct 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Meiksin et al., Gas around galaxy haloes: methodology comparisons using hydrodynamical simulations of the intergalactic medium
  • (abs, pdf) Kreckel et al., The metallicity of void dwarf galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Peters, The physics of volume rendering
  • (abs, pdf) Harris et al., Globular Cluster Systems in Brightest Cluster Galaxies: A Near-Universal Luminosity Function?
  • (abs, pdf) Kim & Kim, Instability of Magnetized Ionization Fronts Surrounding H II Regions
  • (abs, pdf) Nipoti & Binney, Early flattening of dark matter cusps in dwarf spheroidal galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Kapala et al., The Survey of Lines in M31 (SLIM): Investigating the Origins of [CII] Emission

22 Oct 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Nelson et al., The impact of feedback on cosmological gas accretion
  • (abs, pdf) Finkelstein et al., The Evolution of the Galaxy Rest-Frame Ultraviolet Luminosity Function Over the First Two Billion Years
  • (abs, pdf) Shi et al., Inefficient Star Formation In Extremely Metal Poor Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Butler et al., Kiloparsec-Scale Simulations of Star Formation in Disk Galaxies II. Structure and Dynamics of Filaments and Clumps in Giant Molecular Clouds

20 Oct 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Alatalo et al., Suppression of Star Formation in NGC1266
  • (abs, pdf) Moriya & Langer, Pulsations of red supergiant pair-instability supernova progenitors leading to extreme mass loss
  • (abs, pdf) Piotto et al., The Hubble Space Telescope UV Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters. I. Overview of the Project and Detection of Multiple Stellar Populations
  • (abs, pdf) Dotter et al., Stellar Models of Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters. I. The Main Sequence of NGC 6752
  • (abs, pdf) Silva et al., Prospects for detecting CII emission during the Epoch of Reionization