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30 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Branca & Pallottini, Neural networks: solving the chemistry of the interstellar medium
  • (abs, pdf) Rey et al., VINTERGATAN-GM: The cosmological imprints of early mergers on Milky-Way-mass galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Lahén et al., Formation of star clusters and enrichment by massive stars in simulations of low-metallicity galaxies with a fully sampled initial stellar mass function
  • (abs, pdf) Corazza et al., Potential contributions of Pop III and intermediate-mass Pop II stars to cosmic chemical enrichment
  • (abs, pdf) Courtois et al., Gravity in the Local Universe : density and velocity fields using CosmicFlows-4

24 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) De Ceuster et al., Radiative Transfer as a Bayesian Linear Regression problem
  • (abs, pdf) Prieto-Lyon et al., The production of ionizing photons in UV-faint z~3-7 galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Uysal & Hartwig, First estimate of the local value of the baryonic streaming velocity
  • (abs, pdf) Yajima et al., FOREVER22: the first bright galaxies with population III stars at redshifts $z \simeq 10-20$ and comparisons with JWST data
  • (abs, pdf) Reefe et al., Nuclear Activity in the Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxy SDSS J0944-0038: A Glimpse into the Primordial Universe

16 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Casey et al., COSMOS-Web: An Overview of the JWST Cosmic Origins Survey
  • (abs, pdf) Melchior et al., Autoencoding Galaxy Spectra I: Architecture
  • (abs, pdf) Kashino et al., EIGER I. a large sample of [OIII]-emitting galaxies at $5.3 < z < 6.9$ and direct evidence for local reionization by galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Matthee et al., EIGER II. first spectroscopic characterisation of the young stars and ionised gas associated with strong H$\beta$ and [OIII] line-emission in galaxies at z=5-7 with JWST

14 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Di Mascia et al., Is the star formation rate in $z\sim 6$ quasars overestimated?
  • (abs, pdf) Finkelstein et al., CEERS Key Paper I: An Early Look into the First 500 Myr of Galaxy Formation with JWST
  • (abs, pdf) Hopkins et al., A Simple Sub-Grid Model For Cosmic Ray Effects on Galactic Scales
  • (abs, pdf) Chen et al., Impact of the Population III Supernova Remnants on the Primeval Galaxy Formation
  • (abs, pdf) Orjuela-Quintana et al., Using machine learning to compress the matter transfer function $T(k)$

10 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Riaz et al., Formation of metal-free binaries: Impact of H$_{2}$ line cooling and CIE cooling
  • (abs, pdf) Santos-Santos et al., Planes of satellites around simulated disk galaxies II: Time-persistent planes of kinematically-coherent satellites in $\Lambda$CDM
  • (abs, pdf) Chaikin et al., A thermal-kinetic subgrid model for supernova feedback in simulations of galaxy formation
  • (abs, pdf) Katz et al., PRISM: A Non-Equilibrium, Multiphase Interstellar Medium Model for Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulations of Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Kobayashi et al., Can neutron star mergers alone explain the r-process enrichment of the Milky Way?
  • (abs, pdf) Andrianomena et al., Emulating cosmological multifields with generative adversarial networks
  • (abs, pdf) Talei et al., Coupling Semi-Analytic and N-body Galaxies (CoSANG) for cosmological stellar halo simulations I- Methods and the structure of dark matter halos

03 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Jones et al., Gas-rich, field ultra-diffuse galaxies host few globular clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Hahn et al., ${\rm S{\scriptsize IM}BIG}$: A Forward Modeling Approach To Analyzing Galaxy Clustering
  • (abs, pdf) Capelo et al., Black hole-galaxy co-evolution and the role of feedback
  • (abs, pdf) da Cunha, The dust properties of star-forming galaxies in the first billion years
  • (abs, pdf) Saldana-Lopez et al., The VANDELS survey: the ionizing properties of star-forming galaxies at $3 \leq z \leq 5$ using deep rest-frame ultraviolet spectroscopy