07 Mar 2023

  • (abs, pdf) Mitra & Chatterjee, Non-parametric Reconstruction of Photon Escape Fraction from Reionization
  • (abs, pdf) Keppens et al., MPI-AMRVAC 3.0: updates to an open-source simulation framework
  • (abs, pdf) Hayes & Scarlata, On the sizes of ionized bubbles around the highest redshift galaxies. Spectral shapes of the Lyman-alpha emission from galaxies III
  • (abs, pdf) Tenachi et al., Deep symbolic regression for physics guided by units constraints: toward the automated discovery of physical laws
  • (abs, pdf) Cheong et al., General-relativistic radiation transport scheme in $\texttt{Gmunu}$ I: Implementation of two-moment based multi-frequency radiative transfer and code tests

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