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27 Jul 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Sanders et al., A Preview of JWST Metallicity Studies at Cosmic Noon: The First Detection of Auroral [O II] Emission at High Redshift
  • (abs, pdf) Labbe et al., A very early onset of massive galaxy formation
  • (abs, pdf) Finkelstein et al., A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Candidate z ~ 14 Galaxy in Early JWST CEERS Imaging
  • (abs, pdf) Chen et al., JWST/NIRCam Observations of Stars and HII Regions in $z\simeq 6-8$ Galaxies: Properties of Star Forming Complexes on 150 pc Scales
  • (abs, pdf) Peter et al., The Sweep Method for radiative Transfer in Arepo
  • (abs, pdf) Chamba et al., How to plan your astronomy research paper in ten steps
  • (abs, pdf) Rhoads et al., Finding Peas in the Early Universe with JWST
  • (abs, pdf) Pontoppidan et al., The JWST Early Release Observations

21 Apr 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Naidu et al., Live Fast, Die $\alpha$-Enhanced: The Mass-Metallicity-$\alpha$ Relation of the Milky Way's Disrupted Dwarf Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Collins et al., Pegasus V — a newly discovered ultra-faint dwarf galaxy on the outskirts of Andromeda
  • (abs, pdf) Klepitko et al., Tree-based solvers for adaptive mesh refinement code FLASH — III: a novel scheme for radiation pressure on dust and gas and radiative transfer from diffuse sources

14 Feb 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Hopkins, An accurate treatment of scattering and diffusion in piecewise power-law models for cosmic ray and radiation/neutrino transport
  • (abs, pdf) Sykes et al., An estimate of the stochastic gravitational wave background from the MassiveBlackII simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Fragione, Mergers of supermassive and intermediate-mass black holes in galactic nuclei from disruptions of star clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Moreno et al., Galaxies lacking dark matter produced by close encounters in a cosmological simulation