28 Nov 2022

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  • (abs, pdf) Beckmann et al., Supermassive black holes in merger-free galaxies have higher spins which are preferentially aligned with their host galaxy
  • (abs, pdf) Gupta et al., MOSEL Survey: Extremely weak outflows in EoR analogues at z=3-4

24 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) De Ceuster et al., Radiative Transfer as a Bayesian Linear Regression problem
  • (abs, pdf) Prieto-Lyon et al., The production of ionizing photons in UV-faint z~3-7 galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Uysal & Hartwig, First estimate of the local value of the baryonic streaming velocity
  • (abs, pdf) Yajima et al., FOREVER22: the first bright galaxies with population III stars at redshifts $z \simeq 10-20$ and comparisons with JWST data
  • (abs, pdf) Reefe et al., Nuclear Activity in the Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxy SDSS J0944-0038: A Glimpse into the Primordial Universe

18 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Martin-Alvarez et al., The Pandora project. I: the impact of radiation and cosmic rays on baryonic and dark matter properties of dwarf galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Phipps et al., Linking the Internal Properties of Infant Globular Clusters to their Formation Environments
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  • (abs, pdf) Snyder et al., Mock Galaxy Surveys for HST and JWST from the IllustrisTNG Simulations

16 Nov 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Casey et al., COSMOS-Web: An Overview of the JWST Cosmic Origins Survey
  • (abs, pdf) Melchior et al., Autoencoding Galaxy Spectra I: Architecture
  • (abs, pdf) Kashino et al., EIGER I. a large sample of [OIII]-emitting galaxies at $5.3 < z < 6.9$ and direct evidence for local reionization by galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Matthee et al., EIGER II. first spectroscopic characterisation of the young stars and ionised gas associated with strong H$\beta$ and [OIII] line-emission in galaxies at z=5-7 with JWST