13 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Hayward et al., Galaxy mergers on a moving mesh: a comparison with smoothed-particle hydrodynamics
  • (abs, pdf) Hirschmann et al., The effect of metal enrichment and galactic winds on galaxy formation in cosmological zoom simulations
  • (abs, pdf) Collins et al., The masses of Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies: Not too small after all?

11 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Oesch et al., The Most Luminous z~9-10 Galaxy Candidates yet Found: The Luminosity Function, Cosmic Star-Formation Rate, and the First Mass Density Estimate at 500 Myr
  • (abs, pdf) Biffi & Maio, Statistical properties of mass, star formation, chemical content and rotational patterns in early z > 9 structures
  • (abs, pdf) Pullen et al., Intensity Mapping across Cosmic Times with the Lyman-Alpha Line
  • (abs, pdf) Mirocha et al., Interpreting the Global 21-cm Signal from High Redshifts. I. Model Independent Constraints
  • (abs, pdf) Tanaka et al., The effect of baryonic streaming motions on the formation of the first supermassive black holes

08 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Li et al., Investigation of the Puzzling Abundance Pattern in the Stars of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
  • (abs, pdf) Nath & Shchekinov, Conditions for supernovae driven galactic winds
  • (abs, pdf) Lora et al., Sextans' cold substructures as a dynamical judge: Core, Cusp or MOND?
  • (abs, pdf) Power, Seeking Observable Imprints of Small-Scale Structure on the Properties of Dark Matter Haloes

05-06 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Faerman et al., Ultra-Compact High Velocity Clouds as Minihalos and Dwarf Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Latif et al., The characteristic black hole mass resulting from direct collapse in the early universe
  • (abs, pdf) Rivi et al., GPU Accelerated Particle Visualization with Splotch
  • (abs, pdf) Richardson et al., High-Redshift Galaxies with Large Ionization Parameters
  • (abs, pdf) Angulo et al., Noiseless Gravitational Lensing Simulations