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New Paper: The AGORA High-Resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project

Today, we have posted our flagship paper on the AGORA galaxy formation simulation comparison project. I’m extremely happy to be a part of this collaboration to further understand the differences between astrophysical simulation codes. This paper outlines the philosophy behind the project and serves as a platform for independent scientific projects, which we have covered in this paper in the Appendix. This is just the start of the papers that will come out of this project, which we will discuss in an upcoming AGORA workshop next week in Santa Cruz.

New paper: Enzo method paper

I’m a little late announcing the Enzo method paper, but we have finally finished writing the method paper that is 15 years in the making. Nevertheless, I hope this paper provides our users with a theoretical basis of the inner workings of Enzo. It accompanies the v2.3 release of Enzo, which includes a new MHD implementation, PPM implementation in CUDA, and an updated Haardt & Madau (2012) ultraviolet background. There are also many other bugfixes.

Publishing Simulation Data

The Georgia Tech Library, specifically Elizabeth Rolando, has been helping me publish some of my simulation data on a “Dataverse” on theastrodata.org. Another possible service is figshare (Tip to Britton!). Considering that the full simulation dataset is over 2TB, this would be unwieldy for the front-end interface without some high-speed transfer program, like GlobusOnline. However, a mesh between a Dataverse and GlobusOnline could be a solution in the future to share full simulation data!

In the end, I have uploaded the metadata and reduced data from the “radiation pressure” simulation from our 2012 paper to my Dataverse.  The reduced data set consists of the following items from ~60 outputs. Continue reading Publishing Simulation Data