Publishing Simulation Data

The Georgia Tech Library, specifically Elizabeth Rolando, has been helping me publish some of my simulation data on a “Dataverse” on Another possible service is figshare (Tip to Britton!). Considering that the full simulation dataset is over 2TB, this would be unwieldy for the front-end interface without some high-speed transfer program, like GlobusOnline. However, a mesh between a Dataverse and GlobusOnline could be a solution in the future to share full simulation data!

In the end, I have uploaded the metadata and reduced data from the “radiation pressure” simulation from our 2012 paper to my Dataverse.  The reduced data set consists of the following items from ~60 outputs.

  • Halo lists with DM and gas statistics,
  • Lists of star particle properties, grouped by galaxy
  • Stellar spectra and bolometric luminosities of each galaxy
  • Neutral hydrogen column densities between the stars and intergalactic medium.
  • All of the figures that were included in the paper.

I hope that by making some of my data public allows others to further scrutinize it, and I will try to make this a habit with future simulations. I’m very happy about publishing some of my data online, striving to practice open science.  I think this completes the circle (maybe?), complementing the open-source simulation code (Enzo) and analysis code (yt).

I encourage others in the field to publish a subset (or all!) of their data after one or two papers have been published on the data. I believe that this will help push forward science, regardless of the field.

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