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02 Feb 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Dolfi et al., The present-day globular cluster kinematics of lenticular galaxies from the E-MOSAICS simulations and their relation to the galaxy assembly histories
  • (abs, pdf) Tanikawa et al., Can Population III stars be major origins of both merging binary black holes and extremely metal poor stars?
  • (abs, pdf) Pahl et al., Searching for the connection between ionizing-photon escape and the surface density of star formation at z~3

30 Nov 2011

  • (abs, pdf) Haschke et al., Metallicity distribution functions of the old populations of the Magellanic Clouds from RR Lyrae stars
  • (abs, pdf) Hopkins et al., Realistic Stellar Feedback & Bulge Formation in Clumpy Disks
  • (abs, pdf) Salvadori & Ferrara, First stars in Damped Lyman Alpha systems
  • (abs, pdf) Hassan et al., Unleashing the Power of Distributed CPU/GPU Architectures: Massive Astronomical Data Analysis and Visualization case study
  • (abs, pdf) Yajima et al., Sub-millimeter brightness of early star-forming galaxies