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10 Oct 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Porth et al., Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of the Crab Nebula
  • (abs, pdf) Dalessandro et al., Double Blue Straggler sequences in GCs: the case of NGC 362
  • (abs, pdf) Behroozi et al., Mergers and Mass Accretion for Infalling Halos Both End Well Outside Cluster Virial Radii
  • (abs, pdf) Treister et al., New observational Constraints on the Growth of the First Supermassive Black Holes

23 Sept 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Krumholz, The Star Formation Law in Molecule-Poor Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Bastian et al., Constraining Globular Cluster Formation Through Studies of Young Massive Clusters: I. A lack of ongoing star formation within young clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Kolb et al., Radiation hydrodynamics integrated in the code PLUTO
  • (abs, pdf) Labbe et al., The Spectral Energy Distributions Of z~8 Galaxies From The IRAC Ultra Deep Fields: Emission Lines, Stellar Masses, And Specific Star Formation Rates At 650 Myr

02,05 Aug 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Gnedin et al., Co-Evolution of Galactic Nuclei and Globular Cluster Systems
  • (abs, pdf) Reines et al., Dwarf Galaxies with Optical Signatures of Active Massive Black Holes
  • (abs, pdf) Michaela et al., Cosmological simulations of black hole growth: AGN luminosities and downsizing
  • (abs, pdf) Yajima & Li, Distinctive 21 cm structures of the first stars, galaxies, and quasars
  • (abs, pdf) Mayer, Massive Black Hole binaries in gas-rich galaxy mergers; multiple regimes of orbital decay and interplay with gas inflows

24 Jul 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Smit et al., Evidence for Ubiquitous, High-EW Nebular Emission in z~7 Galaxies: Towards a Clean Measurement of the Specific Star Formation Rate using a Sample of Bright, Magnified Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Costa et al., The environment of bright QSOs at z ~ 6: Star forming galaxies and X-ray emission
  • (abs, pdf) Miocchi et al., Star count density profiles and structural parameters of 26 Galactic globular clusters