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03 Nov 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Safarzadeh & Scannapieco, The Impact of Unresolved Turbulence on the Escape Fraction of Lyman Continuum Photons
  • (abs, pdf) Li et al., OVI Emission From the Supernovae-regulated Interstellar Medium in Numerical Simulations
  • (abs, pdf) Pardi et al., The impact of magnetic fields on the chemical evolution of the supernova-driven ISM
  • (abs, pdf) Griffen et al., Tracing the first stars and galaxies of the Milky Way

13 Sept 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Ji et al., Chemical Diversity in the Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxy Tucana II
  • (abs, pdf) Birnboim et al., The hydrodynamic stability of gaseous cosmic filaments
  • (abs, pdf) Bahe et al., The origin of the enhanced metallicity of satellite galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Tinker et al., Halo Histories vs. Galaxy Properties at z=0, I: The Quenching of Star Formation
  • (abs, pdf) Verhamme et al., Lyman-alpha spectral properties of five newly discovered Lyman continuum emitters

20 Jun 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Marsan et al., A spectroscopic follow-up program of very massive galaxies at 3<z<4: confirmation of spectroscopic redshifts, and a high fraction of powerful AGN
  • (abs, pdf) Olivares et al., Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Sub-mm Galaxies at z~2
  • (abs, pdf) Anderson et al., The Little Galaxies that Could (Reionize the Universe): Predicting Faint End Slopes & Escape Fractions at z > 4

17 Jun 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Erkal et al., The number and size of subhalo-induced gaps in stellar streams
  • (abs, pdf) Roy et al., C II radiative cooling of the Galactic diffuse interstellar medium: Insight about the star formation in Damped Lyman-alpha systems
  • (abs, pdf) Fujimoto et al., GMC Evolution in a Barred Spiral Galaxy with Star Formation and Thermal Feedback
  • (abs, pdf) Inoue et al., Detection of an oxygen emission line from a high redshift galaxy in the reionization epoch
  • (abs, pdf) Bouwens et al., ALMA Spectroscopic Survey in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: The Infrared Excess of UV-selected z=2-10 galaxies as a function of UV-continuum Slope and Stellar Mass
  • (abs, pdf) Leethochawalit et al., Absorption Line Spectroscopy of Gravitationally-Lensed Galaxies: Further Evidence for an Increased Escape Fraction of Ionizing Photons at High Redshift