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24 Aug 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Shlosman et al., Supermassive Black Hole Seed Formation at High Redshifts: Long-Term Evolution of the Direct Collapse
  • (abs, pdf) Park et al., Luminosity function of [OII] emission-line galaxies in the MassiveBlack-II simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Kim et al., Horizon Run 4 Simulation: Coupled Evolution of Galaxies and Large-scale Structures of the Universe
  • (abs, pdf) Avara et al., Efficiency of Thin Magnetically-Arrested Disks Around Black Holes

04-05 Jan 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Treu et al., Inferences on the distribution of Ly-alpha emission of z~7 and z~8 galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Friedrich et al., Radiative transfer of energetic photons: X-rays and helium ionization in C2-Ray
  • (abs, pdf) Oesch et al., The Bright End of the UV Luminosity Function at z~8: New Constraints from CANDELS Data
  • (abs, pdf) Kuhlen & Faucher-Giguere, Concordance models of reionization: implications for faint galaxies and escape fraction evolution
  • (abs, pdf) Cunningham et al., Radiatively Efficient Magnetized Bondi Accretion
  • (abs, pdf) Sonoi & Umeda, Vibrational instability of Population III very massive main-sequence stars due to the e-mechanism
  • (abs, pdf) Meiring et al., Qso absorption systems detected in ne viii: Evidence for high-metallicity, multiphase gas far from galaxies