26 Jun 2019

  • (abs, pdf) Druschke et al., Shape and Spin of Minihaloes. II: The Effect of Streaming Velocities
  • (abs, pdf) Rodriguez et al., Black Holes: The Next Generation
  • (abs, pdf) Kirby et al., Evidence for Sub-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae from Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Davies et al., Evidence for Low Radiative Efficiency or Highly Obscured Growth of $z>7$ Quasars
  • (abs, pdf) Sharma & Theuns, The $I\kappa\epsilon\alpha$ model of feedback-regulated galaxy formation
  • (abs, pdf) Mészáros et al., Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

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