08-10 Jun 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Ferré-Mateu et al., Massive relic galaxies challenge the co-evolution of SMBHs and their host galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) De Rossi et al., The evolution of galaxy metallicity scaling relations in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations
  • (abs, pdf) Schober et al., A Model for the Saturation of the Turbulent Dynamo
  • (abs, pdf) Koda et al., Approximately A Thousand Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in the Coma cluster
  • (abs, pdf) Wang et al., An ultra-luminous quasar at \lowercase{$z=5.363$} with a ten billion solar mass black hole and a Meta-Rich DLA at \lowercase{$z\sim5$}
  • (abs, pdf) Lu et al., An analytical model for galaxy metallicity: What do metallicity relations tell us about star formation and outflow?
  • (abs, pdf) Tomozeiu et al., The evolution of dwarf galaxy satellites with different dark matter density profiles in the ErisMod simulations. I. The early infalls

04 Jun 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Brook & Di Cintio, Signatures of Dark Matter Halo Expansion in Galaxy Populations
  • (abs, pdf) Kirby et al., Spectroscopic Confirmation of the Dwarf Galaxies Hydra II and Pisces II and the Globular Cluster Laevens 1
  • (abs, pdf) Bouwens et al., Most Luminous z=9-10 Galaxies: A First Determination of the Bright End of the z~9 and z~10 UV Luminosity Functions using all five CANDELS Fields

03 Jun 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Salinas & Strader, No evidence for multiple stellar populations in the low-mass Galactic globular cluster E 3
  • (abs, pdf) Brook & Shankar, A matter of measurement: rotation velocities and the velocity function of dwarf galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Rieder & Teyssier, A small-scale dynamo in feedback-dominated galaxies as the origin of cosmic magnetic fields. I-the kinematic phase
  • (abs, pdf) Roberts-Borsani et al., Z>~7 galaxies with red Spitzer/IRAC [3.6]-[4.5] colors in the full CANDELS data set: the brightest-known galaxies at Z~7-9 and a probable spectroscopic confirmation at Z=7.48