10 Oct 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Lisanti et al., Signatures of Kinematic Substructure in the Galactic Stellar Halo
  • (abs, pdf) Jang & Lee, Discovery of an Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy in the Intracluster Field of the Virgo Center : A fossil of the First Galaxies?
  • (abs, pdf) Leigh et al., The state of globular clusters at birth II: primordial binaries
  • (abs, pdf) Muñoz et al., The Flatness and Sudden Evolution of the Intergalactic Ionizing Background
  • (abs, pdf) Venumadhav et al., A new probe of magnetic fields in the pre-reionization epoch: I. Formalism
  • (abs, pdf) Calvi et al., The Effect of Surface Brightness Dimming in the Selection of High-z Galaxies

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