New Paper: The AGORA High-Resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project

Today, we have posted our flagship paper on the AGORA galaxy formation simulation comparison project. I'm extremely happy to be a part of this collaboration to further understand the differences between astrophysical simulation codes. This paper outlines the philosophy behind the project and serves as a platform for independent scientific projects, which we have … Continue Reading ››

KITP Notes – Massive Black Holes – Friday

Novak - "Hydrodynamic simulations of black hole fueling and feedback"

  • "Nuclear physics": not analytic, non-local, inhomogeneous, coupled at vastly different length scales, energy generation affects fueling
  • Axi-symmetric simulations: 2.5pc to 250kpc scales, run for Gyrs.  See his papers in the last few years. Physically rich model (RT, feedback, dust models & opacity, etc.)
  • Increasing the dimensionality … Continue Reading ››