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07 Sept 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Bisbas et al., 3D-PDR: A new three-dimensional astrochemistry code for treating Photodissociation Regions
  • (abs, pdf) Larsen et al., Detailed abundance analysis from integrated high-dispersion spectroscopy: Globular clusters in the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal
  • (abs, pdf) Hunt et al., Scaling relations of metallicity, stellar mass, and star formation rate in metal-poor starbursts: I. A fundamental plane
  • (abs, pdf) Magrini et al., Scaling relations of metallicity, stellar mass, and star formation rate in metal-poor starbursts: II. Theoretical models
  • (abs, pdf) Bowman & Rogers, A lower limit of dz > 0.06 for the duration of the reionization epoch
  • (abs, pdf) Volonteri, The first massive black holes

23 Aug 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Gonzalez et al., Slow Evolution of the Specific Star Formation Rate at z>2: The Impact of Dust, Emission Lines, and A Rising Star Formation History
  • (abs, pdf) Sesana et al., Halo millisecond pulsars ejected by intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Bolton & Haehnelt, On the rapid demise of Lyman-alpha emitters at z>7 due to the increasing incidence of optically thick absorption systems

10 Aug 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Rasmussen et al., The Suppression of Star Formation and the Effect of Galaxy Environment in Low-Redshift Galaxy Groups
  • (abs, pdf) Jiang et al., A New Way to Conserve Total Energy for Eulerian Hydrodynamic Simulations with Self-Gravity
  • (abs, pdf) Piotto et al., Hubble Space Telescope reveals multiple Sub-Giant Branch in eight Globular Clusters

9-13 Jul 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Clementini et al., Variability and star formation in Leo T, the lowest luminosity star-forming galaxy known today
  • (abs, pdf) Peñarrubia et al., The coupling between the core/cusp and missing satellite problems
  • (abs, pdf) Schaerer et al., Properties of z~3-6 Lyman break galaxies. II. Testing star formation histories and the SFR-mass relation with ALMA and near-IR spectroscopy
  • (abs, pdf) Gerke et al., Improved Mock Galaxy Catalogs for the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey from Subhalo Abundance and Environment Matching
  • (abs, pdf) Maxwell et al., Building the Stellar Halo Through Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Brooks & Zolotov, Why Baryons Matter: The Kinematics of Dwarf Spheroidal Satellites
  • (abs, pdf) Umbreit & Rasio, Constraining Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
  • (abs, pdf) Schnittman et al., X-ray Spectra from MHD Simulations of Accreting Black Holes
  • (abs, pdf) Capuzzo-Dolcetta et al., A fully parallel, high precision, N-body code running on hybrid computing platforms