09 Jan 2023

  • (abs, pdf) Gjergo et al., GalCEM I — An Open-Source Detailed Isotopic Chemical Evolution Code
  • (abs, pdf) Arentsen et al., The Pristine survey — XX: GTC follow-up observations of extremely metal-poor stars identified from Pristine and LAMOST
  • (abs, pdf) Álvarez-Márquez et al., MIRI/JWST observations reveal an extremely obscured starburst in the z=6.9 system SPT0311-58
  • (abs, pdf) Nakazato et al., Simulations of high-redshift [OIII] emitters: Chemical evolution and multi-line diagnostics
  • (abs, pdf) Natwariya, 21 cm Line Astronomy and Constraining New Physics

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