12 Dec 2022

  • (abs, pdf) Wanajo et al., Actinide-boosting r Process in Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger Ejecta
  • (abs, pdf) van Mierlo et al., No need for extreme stellar masses at z~7: a test-case study for COS-87259
  • (abs, pdf) Park et al., Population III star formation in an X-ray background: III. Periodic radiative feedback and luminosity induced by elliptical orbits
  • (abs, pdf) Curtis-Lake et al., Spectroscopy of four metal-poor galaxies beyond redshift ten
  • (abs, pdf) Chadayammuri et al., Constraints from dwarf galaxies on black hole seeding and growth models \\ with current and future surveys
  • (abs, pdf) Volonteri et al., What if young z>9 JWST galaxies hosted massive black holes?

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