07 Jun 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Gentry et al., Enhanced Momentum Feedback from Clustered Supernovae
  • (abs, pdf) Bosch, Unification of the Fundamental Plane and Super-Massive Black Holes Masses
  • (abs, pdf) Dickey et al., The Relation Between [OIII]/H$\beta$ and Specific Star Formation Rate in Galaxies at $z \sim 2$
  • (abs, pdf) Stark et al., Lyman-alpha and CIII] Emission in z=7-9 Galaxies: Accelerated Reionization Around Luminous Star Forming Systems?
  • (abs, pdf) Karman et al., MUSE integral-field spectroscopy towards the Frontier Fields cluster Abell S1063: II. Properties of low luminosity Lyman alpha emitters at z>3

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