13 May 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Derigs et al., A Novel High-Order, Entropy Stable, 3D AMR MHD Solver with Guaranteed Positive Pressure
  • (abs, pdf) Sales et al., Identifying true satellites of the Magellanic Clouds
  • (abs, pdf) Vandenbroucke & De Rijcke, The moving mesh code Shadowfax
  • (abs, pdf) Richardson et al., Comparing Simulations of AGN Feedback
  • (abs, pdf) Gronke & Bird, Giant Lyman-Alpha Nebulae in the Illustris Simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Duffell, DISCO: A 3D Moving-Mesh Magnetohydrodynamics Code Designed for the Study of Astrophysical Disks

12 May 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Bose et al., Reionisation in sterile neutrino cosmologies
  • (abs, pdf) Gnedin et al., Cosmic Reionization On Computers. Properties of the Post-reionization IGM
  • (abs, pdf) Darvish et al., Effects of Local Environment and Stellar Mass on Galaxy Quenching out to z~3
  • (abs, pdf) Planck Collaboration et al., Planck 2016 intermediate results. XLVII. Planck constraints on reionization history

11 May 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Ishiki & Okamoto, Radiation feedback in dusty clouds
  • (abs, pdf) Emerick et al., Gas Loss by Ram Pressure Stripping and Internal Feedback From Low Mass Milky Way Satellites
  • (abs, pdf) Krumholz. et al., A Dynamical Model for Gas Flows, Star Formation, and Nuclear Winds in Galactic Centres
  • (abs, pdf) Planck Collaboration et al., Planck 2016 intermediate results. XLVI. Reduction of large-scale systematic effects in HFI polarization maps and estimation of the reionization optical depth

04 May 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Forbes et al., Suppression of star formation in dwarf galaxies by grain photoelectric feedback
  • (abs, pdf) Pakmor et al., Galactic winds driven by isotropic and anisotropic cosmic ray diffusion in disk galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Goldbaum et al., Mass Transport and Turbulence in Gravitationally Unstable Disk Galaxies II: The Effects of Star Formation Feedback