2015 AAS Winter Meeting

The whole group attended the 225th American Astronomical Society Meeting held in Seattle, WA earlier this month. Here Aycin presented our latest results in a contributed talk titled “Songlines from Direct Collapse Black Holes”, and my graduate students and I presented our work in the following five posters.

  • Kirk Barrow – “First Light: Exploring the Spectra of Galaxies in the Early Universe” (ADS link)
  • Qi Ge – “The Impact of Lyman-Alpha Trapping on Massive Black Hole Formation” (ADS link)
  • Daegene Koh – “Magnetic Field Seeding through Supernova Feedback” (ADS link)
  • Chao Shi – “The Dynamics of Seed Black Holes in the First Galaxies” (ADS link)
  • John Wise – “Propelling Reionization with the Faintest Galaxies” (ADS link)

We had a great turnout from the CRA along with Tamara Bogdanovic‘s group and James Sowell attending the meeting.

Image (from left to right): KwangHo Park, Tamara Bogdanovic, Daegene Koh, Khai Nguyen, Aycin Aykutalp, Forrest Kieffer, Kirk Barrow, John Wise, and Jim Sowell.  Not shown: Qi Ge, Chao Shi

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