20-21 Aug 2013

  • (abs, pdf) Shen et al., The Baryon Cycle of Dwarf Galaxies: Dark, Bursty, Gas-Rich Polluters
  • (abs, pdf) Fumagalli et al., How dead are dead galaxies? Mid-Infrared fluxes of quiescent galaxies at redshift 0.3 < z < 2.5: implications for star formation rates and dust heating
  • (abs, pdf) Hahn & Paranjape, The locations of halo formation and the peaks formalism
  • (abs, pdf) Croton, Damn You, Little h! (or, Real-World Applications Of The Hubble Constant Using Observed And Simulated Data)
  • (abs, pdf) Hirano et al., One Hundred First Stars : Protostellar Evolution and the Final Masses
  • (abs, pdf) Hosokawa et al., Formation of Primordial Supermassive Stars by Rapid Mass Accretion
  • (abs, pdf) Chatzopoulos et al., Multidimensional Simulations of Rotating Pair Instability Supernovae

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