2012-13 Academic Year In Review

It’s been since last June since I’ve made a post here. What have we been up to lately? Well, it’s been a busy year in the group, and I’ll highlight the year in this post.

  • (June 2012) Akshaya Suresh, a Yale undergraduate, joined our group as a summer intern.  She developed an interactive OpenGL viewer for star particles in our simulations.
  • (August 2012) Daegene Koh joined the group.  He will be working on the formation of globular clusters at high redshift for his PhD thesis.
  • (August 2012) Kirk Barrow joined the group as an undergraduate research assistant.  He has been working on gas depletion in minihalos that result from radiative feedback.
  • (August 2012) The visualization lab was completed, and we held a mini-symposium Xtreme Astrophysics as its inaugural event. See the pictures below of the visualization lab taken today.

IMG_20130409_153617 IMG_20130409_153632 IMG_20130409_153707

Instead of going 10 months without a post and these bullet point posts, expect more frequent posts in the near future!

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