JSI Dwarf Galaxy Conference (Day 3)

Annapolis, Maryland Joe Silk, "DM Annihilations as a Probe of CDM Substructure"
  • Proposing to use the Sun as a WIMP detector above 4 GeV (less massive ones are evaporated).
  • If WIMPs are low-mass (5-10 GeV) and trapped, they will lower the central temperature of the Sun.
  • Energetic neutrinos from WIMPs trapped in the Sun?  Detectable by AMANDA or IceCube?
  • Sommerfeld effect: boosting … Continue Reading ››

JSI Dwarf Galaxy Conference (Day 2)

Annapolis, Maryland – Today's talks focus on dwarf galaxy formation Volker Bromm (UT-Austin), "The First Stars and Galaxies"
  • Discussed Clark+ (2010), Greif+ (2011) simulations, looking at disk fragmentation in the case without radiation feedback.  Points to a flat IMF.
  • Stacy+ (2011) included proto-stellar radiative feedback and found that the final mass was 30-40 Msun in a binary.  Hosogawa+ … Continue Reading ››