GPU Meeting (04 Oct 2011)

Lionel London (CRA) – GPU Computing in Matlab

  • Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT) vs. Jacket
  • PCT allows for multi-cpu and GPU computing. Limited to 12 cores on the local machine. Very high level.
  • GPU computing with PCT requires an nVidia card with v1.3 compute capabilities. GPGPU with Jacket has relaxed requirements but is very expensive ($4k for 5 licenses!)
  • PCT GPU can run external .cu files.
  • Jacket has 10x more CUDA-enabled functions than Matlab.  It’s cluster capable.

2 thoughts on “GPU Meeting (04 Oct 2011)”

  1. I’m one of the AccelerEyes developers — and a GT alumnus!

    Glad you got to dig into Jacket some. Here’s some clarifications on the above:

    Georgia Tech has a site license (managed through — so you guys get free access.

    Where you’re quoting the “get 20% off” price, keep in mind that academic is significantly less than commercial. Academic would be about $1400 for five base licenses (compared to $3996).

  2. Hi James, thanks for the clarification! I’ll have to pass the news on to the rest of the group.

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