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Here are the papers from astro-ph that I find interesting. I tend to update daily, so if there is a day missing, I probably didn’t find any papers relevant to our group.

26 Sept 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Brodie et al., The SLUGGS Survey: NGC 3115, A Critical Test Case for Metallicity Bimodality in Globular Cluster Systems
  • (abs, pdf) Treister et al., Major Galaxy Mergers Only Trigger the Most Luminous AGN
  • (abs, pdf) Brooks et al., A Baryonic Solution to the Missing Satellites Problem
  • (abs, pdf) Whalen et al., Finding the First Cosmic Explosions II: Core-Collapse Supernovae
  • (abs, pdf) Wiersma et al., LOFAR insights into the epoch of reionization from the cross power spectrum of 21cm emission and galaxies

13 Sept 2012

  • (abs, pdf) Hayward et al., Submillimetre galaxies in a hierarchical universe: number counts, redshift distribution, and implications for the IMF
  • (abs, pdf) Hodge et al., Evidence for a clumpy, rotating gas disk in a submillimeter galaxy at z=4
  • (abs, pdf) Finlator et al., Gas Clumping in Self-Consistent Reionisation Models
  • (abs, pdf) Glover, The First Stars
  • (abs, pdf) Ciardi et al., The 21cm forest in the diffuse IGM as seen by LOFAR
  • (abs, pdf) Ferrero et al., The dark matter halos of dwarf galaxies: a challenge for the LCDM paradigm?