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13 Dec 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Kim & Ostriker, Three-phase Interstellar medium in Galaxies Resolving Evolution with Star formation and Supernova feedback (TIGRESS): Algorithms, Fiducial model, and Convergence
  • (abs, pdf) Hummels et al., Trident: a universal tool for generating synthetic absorption spectra from astrophysical simulations
  • (abs, pdf) Pezzulli et al., Faint progenitors of luminous $z \sim 6$ quasars: why don't we see them?
  • (abs, pdf) Breddels, Interactive (statistical) visualisation and exploration of a billion objects with Vaex

23 Jul 2014

  • (abs, pdf) Woods et al., The Role of Cold Flows and Reservoirs in Galaxy Formation With Strong Feedback
  • (abs, pdf) Schaerer et al., New constraints on dust emission and UV attenuation of z=6.5-7.5 galaxies from IRAM and ALMA observations
  • (abs, pdf) Tissera & Scannapieco, Low-metallicity stellar halo populations as tracers of dark matter haloes
  • (abs, pdf) Konstantopoulos, The Starfish Diagram: Visualising Data Within the Context of Survey Samples