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02 Mar 2017

  • (abs, pdf) Ng et al., Offsets between member galaxies and dark matter in clusters: a test with the Illustris simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Turner et al., A comparison of observed and simulated absorption from HI, CIV, and SiIV around $z\approx2$ star-forming galaxies suggests redshift-space distortions are due to inflows
  • (abs, pdf) Parker et al., The response of relativistic outflowing gas to the inner accretion disk of a black hole
  • (abs, pdf) Grazian et al., The Lyman Continuum escape fraction of faint galaxies at z~3.3 in the CANDELS/GOODS-North, EGS, and COSMOS fields with LBC
  • (abs, pdf) Thompson, Tiny Electromagnetic Explosions
  • (abs, pdf) Thompson, Giant Primeval Magnetic Dipoles

30 Jan 2017

  • (abs, pdf) Brooks et al., How to Reconcile the Observed Velocity Function of Galaxies with Theory
  • (abs, pdf) Beckmann et al., Cosmic evolution of stellar quenching by AGN feedback: clues from the Horizon-AGN simulation
  • (abs, pdf) Cullen et al., The First Billion Years project: constraining the dust attenuation law of star-forming galaxies at z $\simeq$ 5
  • (abs, pdf) Gavagnin et al., Star Cluster Formation in a Turbulent Molecular Cloud Self-Regulated by Photo-Ionisation Feedback

20 Dec 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Xu et al., IslandFAST: A Semi-numerical Tool for Simulating the Late Epoch of Reionization
  • (abs, pdf) Hassan et al., Epoch of Reionisation 21cm Forecasting From MCMC-Constrained Semi-Numerical Models
  • (abs, pdf) Tang et al., A Quasar Discovered at redshift 6.6 from Pan-STARRS1
  • (abs, pdf) Navarro et al., The origin of the mass discrepancy-acceleration relation in $\Lambda$CDM
  • (abs, pdf) Grudić et al., When Feedback Fails: The Scaling and Saturation of Star Formation Efficiency

17 Nov 2016

  • (abs, pdf) McQuinn et al., DUSTiNGS III: Distribution of Intermediate-Age and Old Stellar Populations in Disks and Outer Extremities of Dwarf Galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Li et al., Farthest Neighbor: The Distant Milky Way Satellite Eridanus II
  • (abs, pdf) Thomas et al., A physically-based model of the ionizing radiation from active galaxies for photoionization modeling

21 Jun 2016

  • (abs, pdf) Bernard et al., Galaxy candidates at z ~ 10 in archival data from the Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies (BoRG[z8]) survey
  • (abs, pdf) Bernardi et al., Bayesian constraints on the global 21-cm signal from the Cosmic Dawn
  • (abs, pdf) Schreiber et al., The ALMA Redshift 4 Survey (AR4S): I. The massive end of the z=4 main sequence of galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Bieri et al., Outflows Driven by Quasars in High-Redshift Galaxies with Radiation Hydrodynamics