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AMD 16-core CPUs now shipping

AMD just announced that their 16-core Opteron “Interlagos” processors are now in production.  First they will be shipped to retailers for testing in their platform, and then later in Q4 they will be available to the public.  This is great news for the group because our new 512-core cluster will be based on the Interlagos chips.   We will be placing our order soon and will be waiting for the arrival of the dedicated cluster sometime in December!

Cover image on Science News

Let’s start out the news feed with something big.  A fantastic rendering of one of our simulations made the July 30th cover of Science News!  The associated article does an excellent job in describing the current state of the field.  This beautiful visualization was created by Ralf Kaehler at SLAC.  The featured simulation shows a Population III star at the end of its 3 Myr life.  Most of the surrounding gas is heated to 30,000 K, shown in red, whereas the dense gas associated with nearby halos shield against the stellar radiation and survive this blast of radiation.  The HII region that is created is over-pressurized and drives a 30 km/s shock from the star.  Because the host dark matter halo is only 1 million solar masses, its escape velocity is 3 km/s.  Over 90% of the gas is expelled from the halo, delaying further star formation and having possible consequences on the first galaxy.  This is clearly seen in the expanding, clumpy shell, centered on the star.

WordPress initialization

I’m happy enough with the WordPress theme and setup now. So I can move on to adding content. In addition, I wrote a Python script that automatically queries astro-ph, given a paper number, posts an entry, and saves the PDF. I’ve been meaning to do that since I started my local research log three years ago!