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Here are the papers from astro-ph that I find interesting. I tend to update daily, so if there is a day missing, I probably didn’t find any papers relevant to our group.

19 Oct 2011

  • (abs, pdf) Finkelstein et al., CANDELS: The Evolution of Galaxy Rest-Frame Ultraviolet Colors from z = 8 to 4
  • (abs, pdf) Bell et al., What turns galaxies off? The different morphologies of star-forming and quiescent galaxies since z~2 from CANDELS
  • (abs, pdf) Narayanan et al., A General Model for the CO-H2 Conversion Factor in Galaxies with Applications to the Star Formation Law
  • (abs, pdf) Woosley & heger, Long Gamma-Ray Transients from Collapsars

13-17 Oct 2011

  • (abs, pdf) Bode et al., Mergers of Supermassive Black Holes in Astrophysical Environments
  • (abs, pdf) Schleicher et al., Magnetic fields in the first galaxies: Dynamo amplification and limits from reionization
  • (abs, pdf) Peters et al., Radiative Feedback in Massive Star and Cluster Formation
  • (abs, pdf) Commercon et al., Collapse of massive magnetized dense cores using radiation-magneto-hydrodynamics: early fragmentation inhibition