Kirk Barrow

20150108_111636Graduate Research Assistant

M.S. and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. in Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology (2018)

CV (PDF, updated Dec 2017)

Before physics, I researched and designed control simulations for uninhabited areal vehicles in both terrestrial and extra terrestrial applications. I was mostly interested with entry, descent, and flight systems for the next generation of robotic probes to Saturn’s moon Titan, but I worked on drones in Earth’s atmosphere as well. After transitioning to cosmology, I began to focus on large-scale simulations of the early universe. My current work includes computational analysis of the effect of radiative feedback on baryon mass fractions of early galaxies. I work with enzo, Rockstar, yt, and the statistical analysis package SAS. In the future I would like to drive simulations to the present day to unlock some of the more stubborn mysteries of cosmic structure.

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  2. Barrow, K. S. S., Wise, J. H., Norman, M. L., O’Shea, B. W., Xu, H. 2017, “First Light: Exploring the Spectra of High-Redshift Galaxies in the Renaissance Simulations”, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 496, 4863 (arXiv)