17 Apr 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Antonini et al., The imprint of massive black-hole mergers on the correlation between nuclear clusters and their host galaxies
  • (abs, pdf) Agarwal et al., New constraints on direct collapse black hole formation in the early Universe
  • (abs, pdf) Conroy & Bullock, Beacons In the Dark: Using Novae and Supernovae to Detect Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Universe
  • (abs, pdf) Tacchella et al., Evidence for Mature Bulges and an Inside-out Quenching Phase 3 Billion Years After the Big Bang
  • (abs, pdf) Velliscig et al., The alignment and shape of dark matter, stellar, and hot gas distributions in the EAGLE and cosmo-OWLS simulations

16 Apr 2015

  • (abs, pdf) van de Voort et al., The creation and persistence of a misaligned gas disc in a simulated early-type galaxy
  • (abs, pdf) Wang et al., NBODY6++GPU: Ready for the gravitational million-body problem
  • (abs, pdf) Battaia et al., Deep HeII and CIV Spectroscopy of a Giant Lyman alpha Nebula: Dense Compact Gas Clumps in the Circumgalactic Medium of a z~2 Quasar
  • (abs, pdf) Federrath, Inefficient star formation through turbulence, magnetic fields and feedback

14 Apr 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Reddy et al., The MOSDEF Survey: Measurements of Balmer Decrements and the Dust Attenuation Curve at Redshifts z~1.4-2.6
  • (abs, pdf) Simon et al., Stellar Kinematics and Metallicities in the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Reticulum II
  • (abs, pdf) Walker et al., Magellan/M2FS Spectroscopy of the Reticulum 2 Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
  • (abs, pdf) Harris et al., Dark Matter Halos in Galaxies and Globular Cluster Populations. II: Metallicity and Morphology

09 Apr 2015

  • (abs, pdf) Sobral et al., Evidence for PopIII-like stellar populations in the most luminous Lyman-$\alpha$ emitters at the epoch of re-ionisation: spectroscopic confirmation
  • (abs, pdf) Boberg et al., Chemical Abundances in NGC 5053: A Very Metal-Poor and Dynamically Complex Globular Cluster
  • (abs, pdf) Chantereau et al., Evolution of long-lived globular cluster stars I. Grid of stellar models with helium enhancement at [Fe/H] = -1.75
  • (abs, pdf) González et al., Multigroup radiation hydrodynamics with flux-limited diffusion and adaptive mesh refinement

How I post arXiv papers everyday

For the handful of people that keep up with my astro-ph postings, I figured to share my python script that automates this process because manual posting would be extremely tedious. The script asks for an arXiv number, and then retrieves the title, authors, and PDF. It asks the user for categories for the WordPress site and a filename to save the PDF. After this, then it creates some HTML for the post and uploads it to this site.

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